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We will laugh.  We will cry.  We will make the hugest mistakes and have the biggest celebrations.  We are the Rennes, and we are just getting started with this homestead thing.

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20 Years in the Making

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

We always have the best ideas on dates.

Yep. That's us celebrating our 20-year-anniversary in Astoria at our favorite drinking spot, Fort George Brewery. We've had many different ideas for our post-kid years, from being ex-pats in Portugal to living in a beach house on the coast, yet none of them have ever felt 100% right

All we know is that we REALLY like each other and we like to stay active. Since embarking on vegetarianism and healthier eating over a year ago, having land and making the most of it, naturally seemed to make sense.

So as we are sharing the day together in Astoria, drinking beer, hiking through town, we re-imagined living a quiet life in the country. We took a drive through Vernonia, Oregon and fell in love with the calm, the lake, the town and the BIKE TRAIL!!!

So this is what we're gonna do...

We want to live a debt-free life trying to sustain as much as we can on our own. Not totally off grid, but chickens, goats, bees, veg, and a place for the grand kids to come visit someday. A SMALL house, or a tiny one, with a bit of land to tend and grow. To live organically, trade with our neighbors, buy at the Farmer's Market, and make a lot of stuff from scratch. Lots of learning to be done.

Date at Fort George Brewery, AStoria

How have we planned for this? We already have the debt-free part done. We've saved for the kids' college. We've saved for retirement. We are both on the 8-10 year plan of working 100% remotely from home, so we can work at the homestead and enjoy each other. Georgia knits. David can fix and build things. And we both love to learn new things and aren't afraid to fail. So give us a follow and a read!! This will be exciting and fun!! And be assured, we will share the ups AND the downs, so if you are thinking of doing this too, we can learn together.

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