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We will laugh.  We will cry.  We will make the hugest mistakes and have the biggest celebrations.  We are the Rennes, and we are just getting started with this homestead thing.

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I've Always had a Side Hustle...

One silver lining to this pandemic is seeing the creativity and ideas that came out of dormancy for some people. The term "side hustle" can be used to explain that extra little cheddar added to an income by doing something creative or fulfilling. I've noticed more interest in buying and supporting local, and seeing what friends and neighbors have to offer besides just their 9-5.

I've never really had a 9-5. My husband and I decided before we got married that we wanted a parent at home to raise the kids and only one of us would have a career. I feel lucky that I've gotten to be that parent. We've tried it a few times where I would get a job at the hospital David was at, or maybe I would take classes with a career goal in mind, but it never really worked for us as well as we thought it might. Hence and theretofore, my side hustle.

When we lived in Ithaca NY 15 years ago, I found out I was expecting my son the DAY BEFORE we moved. I had already secured daycare for Haylee and a job for me, and pretty much given up on a 2nd baby. The little boy showed up just in time to throw off all of our plans, and I'm forever grateful that he did! So, being at home pregnant with a preschooler in a NY winter, I taught myself to knit. Ar first it was just to staunch boredom or to feel like I was making something useful, like a blanket or booties for my baby, or a hat for me or Haylee. But since then it has tur

ned into so much more.

Within the next four years we had moved back to the west coast and I knit all sorts of crazy things, trying all the techniques, knitting on every road trip or even just a trip to the store. In 2011 I decided to make a go of it and Funky Knits By Georgia was born. (By the way, I hate that name. Always have.) I did pretty well at shows and then tackled Etsy. It was slow going online, but I was lucky that this was a side-hustle, and not my main source of income. I always had an identity crisis with my small biz, mainly because I hated the name, but also because I was trying to make money while being creative. I see you artists bobbing your heads in agreement with me... you're familiar with this dilemma too.

When we decided in 2018 to make a life change and try to find some land and move back east I was excited to do something closer to what I wanted to do as a creative person. And I had to get rid of that name! Now that I was kinda known in the Portland area it was hard to change. But if we moved.....

SOOOOO, long story short... HI!!! I'm Georgia and I'm still knitting. We moved from Portland, Oregon to Oneonta NY with just our Tahoe and a 5x8 trailer, so we are starting over with everything. I will slowly be adding items back to my Etsy shop, but they will be a bit different from before. I'm so excited! To commemorate this change of names, products, and ideas, I'm offering up a free pattern for those who like to knit. This is an intermediate pattern, as it is knit in the round on dpns, but I will be listing my Grandma Garnet washcloth free on here soon too. Stay tuned!

My side hustle will also evolve as our little homestead grows. For now, I will knit and participate in local events, get to know my new community, and share on Etsy from time to time. My three year plan would include eggs, jams, sewing, pickling, and canning. My five year plan hopefully involves honey and bees! We will see - gotta get a house first...

Fried Egg Washie

By @theminthomesteadny



Set of five Size 6 dpns (double pointed needles)

Stitch marker

Cotton yarn in white and yellow

Scrubby yarn in yellow


Knit in the round on DPNS

CO = Cast on

K = Knit

P = Purl

Kfb = Knit front and back

BO = Bind off


  1. TRY not to knit yolk too tightly! It will be so much harder if you do!!

  2. Add a 5th dpn at any time as stitch count grows larger with increases

-OR- switch to a circular needle as stitch count grows larger

The Pattern:

Hold one strand each of scrubby yarn and yellow yarn together.

CO 8 stitches, divide over 3 dpns, place marker, and join to knit in the round.

Row 1: K

Row 2 and all EVEN rows: P

Row 3: Kfb to end

Row 5: (K1, Kfb) to end

Change to white yarn, knit with just one strand

Row 7: (K2, Kfb) to end (32sts)

Row 9: (K3, Kfb) to end (40sts)

Row 11: (K4, Kfb) to end (48sts)

Row 13: (K5, Kfb) to end (56sts)

Row 15: (K6, Kfb) to end (64sts)

Row 17: (K7, Kfb) to end (72sts)

Row 19: (K8, Kfb) to end (80sts)

Row 21: (K9, Kfb) to end (88sts)

Row 23: (K10, Kfb) to end (96sts)

Finish by purling Row 24.

Bind off, weave in ends.

Go clean something.

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