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We will laugh.  We will cry.  We will make the hugest mistakes and have the biggest celebrations.  We are the Rennes, and we are just getting started with this homestead thing.

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My new bud, Charlie

Updated: May 23, 2022

I've always made the joke to anyone who will listen that I have a black thumb. I kill houseplants. I kill cacti. I'm surprised my children have survived. And so on. I actually designed a knit cactus that I don't have to worry about or over-water. I have never tried to kill plants, but I have never tried to grow them either. My backyard garden is a cesspool of luck and good karma.

So I love this picture. Sure, mint is one of the easiest things in the world to keep alive. It mainly grows itself, multiplies, and thrives. I've killed it every summer. But this little guy popped up the other day after I thought I'd water the box and see if anything underground was willing to show itself. I think I'll name him Charlie.

Charlie is my mint of new hope. I will trust in Charlie to remind me that I can learn. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks if you are patient and determined. I can grow things. I don't have to rely on luck and good karma. I can cultivate, sow, grow, reap, harvest. I can make these dreams a real adventure. If I make it important to me, Charlie can have friends.

And that is mint, right? It's not a weed?


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