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We will laugh.  We will cry.  We will make the hugest mistakes and have the biggest celebrations.  We are the Rennes, and we are just getting started with this homestead thing.

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Road Trip Complete! Now for Home Sweet Home...

Whew! I honestly can't believe that we're here already. As with the best laid plans, not everything went our way. For example, as soon as we got to NY, we all got sick, and as Haylee (or grown daughter) was driving here to meet us, her tire came OFF the rim of her car and she had to have it towed. Ugh. BUT we don't want to be boring, do we?

After a lovely send off of coffee and snacks by our neighbors (thanks Jess and Shad!), our journey took across 11 states in 7 days: Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New York. (If you want a great app to plan road trips, I love Roadtrippers and use it all the time).

We really did want to make this a fun and memorable trip, but at the same time, wanted to just GET THERE. So we had fun just being together and drove some days for 6 hours, some for 9. Adventures were still to be had: we did nearly run into a crazy pronghorn in Wyoming, and were caught in a severe weather system in Nebraska. Plus, lets not forget the world's largest truck stop in Iowa...

Now we are super focused on finding a house. Hopefully we can see as many as we can before David starts his new job next week. We've seen a handful already that were great, but just not quite right. Here are a few we are looking at this week, just to give you an idea of what's out there in our neck of the woods:

(that last one - you really have to try to see past all of the dolls....) :)

What do you think? Which one do you like best? Let us know in the comments if you'd like.

If you follow us on Instagram (@theminthomesteadny) you also saw that David got his Nova delivered around midnight last night! This is his high school car that he's had since he was 15 and it is a big part of his story.

He and Nase are out washing it right now, and it's going to be nice and sunny this week, so I'm sure a few rides through the countryside are in order. Maybe a few burnouts too.

Short post today - gotta go organize a bit more so I don't lose my mind. Thanks for reading and for your comments. Can't wait to share more! Hopefully details of a new home soon!

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