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Positivity Statement

Hello!  Thanks so much for being here.  This is our statement of positivity, to set the tone for why we do what we do here at The Mint Homestead.


In a tasty nutshell, we do this for our family.  We wanted something better for the rest of our lives and we made some HUGE sacrifices and life changes to be here.  We have put in a LOT of work and effort and have made some wonderful friends along the way.  Our way of life and practices may not align with yours and that’s okay with us!  We respect ourselves and the choices we’ve made, and we love each other and who we are as individuals and as the Renne Family.


*Now, you may have been sent this link because you left a nasty comment on an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube post: you are absolutely and obviously allowed to have your opinion.  However, we have found that your statement contained malice, hate, or judgment that we do not find helpful in any way, so we encourage you to go volunteer somewhere, adopt a homeless pet, or find a way to get a hug.  There are so many alternate avenues to spend your time and energy; we are not in charge of anyone’s happiness but our own, and we refuse to be part of a negative narrative.


We are not here to spout religious or political agendas,  and we just won’t be sucked into negative social media banter.  So if you are reading this as a friend of our farm, welcome!  We are so psyched and honored that you are following us!!  If you are here because you were sent a link to this page, here’s an extra big hug for you wherever you are.  I hope you find some joy in your day today.


Take good care,

David, Georgia, Nason and the farm

The Mint Homestead

Oneonta, NY (for now)

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